Harare town clerk sent on forced leave


HARARE – Harare councillors yesterday resolved to send the city’s new town clerk James Mushore on forced leave without benefits until the court makes a ruling on his employment status.

The resolutions were made at a special council meeting held at Town House yesterday.

“The council’s position is that … Mushore has been asked not to report for duty until all the matters at the courts have been resolved,” council spokesperson Michael Chideme told journalists after the meeting.

This comes after Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, suspended Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni after publicly accusing him of insubordination for appointing a new town clerk, despite government objections.

Kasukuwere argued that the appointment Mushore, had not been approved by the Local Government Board (LGB), as stipulated under law.


Reacting to his suspension, Mushore said: “I think it recognises that I have a contract. I hope they will proffer reasons as to why they asked me to go on leave, because we must proceed in a lawful manner. Once I receive that communication from them, I will then consider my position.

“I’m perturbed and surprised at the reaction, given the fact that I would have thought the residents of the city want to see things progressing in a positive manner.

“I clearly have the skills to start fixing things, and it seems that there are people who do not want things fixed and that surprise me as a Zimbabwean.”

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