Kanyangarara’s bold ZRU plea


HARARE – Former National Rugby League president Noddy Kanyangarara says good corporate governance will restore the Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU)’s status and rugby as a leading sport in the country.

The former Sables team manager has launched a last ditch campaign to land the ZRU vice-president post at today’s AGM.

“When elected, I would advocate for the rebranding of the ZRU to give a new impetus and facelift that will attract more partners to help those that are already on board and also to give more value and bigger and better returns on their investment,” he said.

“We need to bring good governance to ZRU and its affiliates. We need to ensure accountability by making sure that ZRU books are audited by reputable accounting firms and making sure transparency is the foundation of our good work.

“I believe that rugby can be a source of livelihood for the young players that fail to make it into universities for various reasons.”

Kanyangarara was not afraid to make bold promises to the electorate, saying he would make it the union’s first port of call to provide or subsidise transport for club rugby to recover.

“The biggest cost for the clubs and or schools outside kit is transportation. For us to get around this problem, as a union, we need to find a permanent solution to the issue of transport,” he said.

“This can only be done if we invest in our own buses that will ferry teams to their various assignments.

“When elected, I will advocate for the investment in a couple of new buses that will help spread the game.”

Zimbabwe rugby player’s welfare has been one of the most neglected areas of the sport with players having to dig into their pockets to travel back from their foreign clubs to represent the country.

While ZRU’s empty coffers is an open secret, it has been made worse by the country’s ever deteriorating economic climate.

“The issue of player welfare is one of if not the biggest problem that haunts Zimbabwe rugby year in year out,”Kanyangarara said.

“It is important that as administrators, we realise and appreciate that players are putting their bodies on the line and some of them are breadwinners wherever they are coming from and all they require is respect and being appreciated.

“Monetary rewards for playing for the national team have not been the best but the pride they will take from that experience is greater and just being appreciated will make it better.”

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