UK-based Zim artiste ropes in Kritic Igwee


HARARE – United Kingdom-based RnB singer Saewyd 'Saysay' Mutiwanyuka has collaborated with Mutare-based hip hop artiste Kritic Igwee on a track titled Hustler.

Saysay, who rose to fame after a duet with “I’d rather be a gangster singer” Laygwan Sharkie over a decade ago, is confident that the new single will inspire people to work hard for their families.

“It is a song about people doing what they need to in order to achieve their life goals. Hustling is a street term often used to describe someone who gets on with whatever it is they need to.

“Every day we get up and go to work, school, and college for what? Life is a constant hustle just to survive,” she said.

Despite being generally categorised as an RnB singer, Saysay insisted in an interview with the Daily News that her music extends beyond a single genre.

“I love to sing jazz and neo soul. I don’t like to be defined by any one genre and I tend to go where the inspiration is,” said Saysay.

Over the past five years, Saysay has collaborated with various artistes based in Zimbabwe and in the UK but she is convinced that her duet with Kritic Igwee will take her brand to new heights.

“Hustler is a new track that talks about everyday struggles to make ends meet. It is a track where hip hop meets soulfulness,” said Saysay whose other songs include Double Chocolate Mousse, I Refuse and the soulful Days.

Kritic Igwee, arguably Mutare’s most celebrated hip hop artiste, has done duets with several artistes in Zimbabwe and beyond. Last year he did a joint performance Courtauld Theatre in Mutare Afro-fusion artiste Rudo Chasi and Nigerian Afropop artist-cum-guitarist Micah Terah.

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