Mliswa reiterates Kasukuwere claims


HARARE – Firebrand Hurungwe West independent candidate Temba Mliswa yesterday reiterated his allegations against Water minister Saviour Kasukuwere and several other Cabinet ministers that they are homosexuals.

Mliswa also claimed while addressing the media in Harare that he had evidence about Kasukuwere’s gay activities, adding that because the two men were once close friends and used to travel together, he could furnish the said evidence.

The outspoken politician also claimed that he was once a fitness trainer for the youthful minister and quit doing so for reasons that he would present in court.

Responding to Kasukuwere’s counter claims that he was a womaniser, Mliswa said he could not deny that he loved women.

“Kasukuwere knows how close I was with him and how we operated. When I accused him of being gay I knew what I was talking about and the evidence will be produced in court.

“I never shy away that I have many children and I love my children.  I have children with God-given women … I don’t sleep with men but women.

“He knows I have travelled with him to South Africa and many other places. We have met Zuma (Jacob) there. The picture is there, the three of us. I have been his fitness coach until I decided I no longer wanted for reasons that will be explained in court later.

“I resigned. I was a fitness coach for high-profile people and I resigned for Kasukuwere and I said no, I cannot.

“I want to say to Kasukuwere, my brother don’t make unnecessary comments because you knew we used to travel together but there is a time we would separate and I would go the other side and you go the other side and we meet the next morning.

“But I would be aware who you were with the whole night. He should be careful because we used to hang around together,” Mliswa said.

He added he that he was ready to present to President Robert Mugabe evidence of Kasukuwere’s alleged homosexual escapades.

“It’s a cartel that needs the president to investigate and I am ready to give him evidence of the cartel. Half of his Cabinet double deals. They bat for both sides. These guys are serious and they want power. They are well financed. Ask yourself where they get money from,” he said.

The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairman went on to accuse Kasukuwere and Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo of being power-hungry.

“Kasukuwere is power-hungry. We met Zuma without going through appropriate channels. Mugabe was not aware. Why did he meet Zuma without being sent by His Excellency? What was the agenda and the drive? The evidence is there,” he claimed.

Mliswa also claimed that Chombo was a Mujuru ally.

The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairman said he was not willing to work with former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies because they had failed to defend their supporters during the run-up to the ruling party’s elective congress last year.

Turning to negative events taking place in Hurungwe West, he said he would take his case to the High Court so that Zanu PF candidate Keith Guzah could be barred from contesting in the by-election because he had faked names.

“We have the evidence and we will approach the courts. The evidence is overwhelming and Guzah should not be allowed to contest,” he said.

Mliswa also claimed that Guzah’s real name was Neverjoy Kachasu Phiri and that he had changed his name to avoid conviction for car theft.

“Go to Highfields and ask about Neverjoy Kachasu Phiri. They will tell you who he really is. They will tell you that they don’t know any Keith.

“The information that was supplied to the electoral commission by Neverjoy is lies because he is not Keith,’ he said.

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