‘Align health laws to new Constitution’


HARARE – Government must align all existing pieces of legislation on health with the new Constitution to guarantee citizens’ right to mental and physical well-being, the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) has said.

ZADHR is a group of doctors and other health professionals agitating for the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health by all Zimbabweans through a health service and health service providers that promote the right to health.

The rights doctors said President Robert Mugabe’s administration should move to harmonise all health legislation with Section 76 and 77 of the new Constitution which seeks to avail healthcare, food and water to every Zimbabwean citizen.

“It must be emphasised that the mere inclusion of human rights in the new Constitution is of no consequence if the rights are not given priority and in the absence of political will and commitment towards fulfilment and realisation of such rights,” ZADHR said in a statement.

“It is therefore imperative for the government of Zimbabwe to realign the Health Services Act, the Public Health Act and the Medical Services Act with the new Constitution.”

The call coincides with this year’s International Human Rights Day observed on December 10 under the theme “20 years: working for your rights”.

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