Son chases dad from home

HARARE – A war veteran is sleeping rough after being chased from home by his son, a Harare magistrate heard yesterday.

Peter Dodzo, 62, dragged his son, Abisha before the Harare Civil court, seeking an order to be allowed back home.

He told magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya that he was now a destitute.

“I am sleeping under a tree your worship and I am begging you to be allowed to sleep in my house,” Dodzo said.

He said the house was registered in his name but his son was chasing him away.

Abisha told the court that he did not want his father to stay at the house because he divorced his mother and went on to stay with another wife who later dumped him.

“I do not want him to stay there, I live with my mother. They divorced a long time ago and I was given the house by the Mutare Magistrates’ Court,” said Abisha.

“He was given the communal home.”

Abisha provided Kavhiya with the court papers which showed that he was awarded the house by the court.

Peter refuted his son’s claims, arguing that the house still belonged to him since he was alive and Abisha was the heir only in the event of his death.

“I am a product of the liberation struggle and I still have my gun, so if I go there I will cause trouble which I do not want to do,” he said.

“I am 62 and I am about to die, but I am afraid my children will fight over it (the house). For now I am asking to be allowed to go back to my house.”

Magistrate Kavhiya ruled that Abisha has every right to be in occupation of the house, since it was given to him by the court.

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