Obama must always set an example


EDITOR — I saw a picture of the US President’s wife staring grudgingly at the Danish blonde Prime Minister who sat on the other side of Barack Obama.

You know how they say a picture says a thousand words? I think in this case a picture made headlines, despite the fact that we did not actually hear what Barack was saying to the Danish female official.

However, the message sent to the world is very worrying considering that Obama is a distinguished statesman who is seen by many as a role model.

When in public places, officials have to be aware of the observant eyes of journalists who are always prepared to capture and broadcast anything newsworthy, when and as it happens.

Mitchel Obama’s look was quite disapproving.

It reminds me of how my mother used to look at me whenever I tried to misbehave in the presence of our guests. I hope it was just a look without any insinuations attached to it.

Obama should always set a good example because America is on the forefront castigating other states for any slight mishap.

Freedom Shumba,


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