Zesa shortchanging its customers


EDITOR ? On reading Cathy Buckle’s, Indigenisation xenophobic,” one comes to grips with the alarming and rapidly sliding economy in Zimbabwe.

I do not believe Zesa Holdings ever wrote off any debts.

All they have done is add them to the new meter vouchers one buys when Zesa installs these contraptions.

My family had one installed in Bluff Hill and my husband and I had one installed at our home in Mazvikadei.

Both these accounts were fully paid up and yet Zesa is taking between $20 and $30 off each voucher we buy in lieu of an outstanding account.

This is plain theft. And we demand an explanation from Zesa.

I find it strange that Zanu PF ordered the write off of outstanding Zesa bills for commercial (A2) farmers.

Who are these farmers anyway? You guessed it.

Most of them will be the new commercial farmers and Zanu PF chefs and their cohorts and we are being made to make up the loss by Zesa deducting the amounts from every voucher we buy.

Who was it that said Zanu PF never pay their bills?

And as I have always said; judgment day will be a very interesting day.


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