Student arrested for sex with girlfriend (15)


BULAWAYO – A 17-year-old local high school boy is to appear before the magistrates’ courts on Friday to answer allegations of having sexual intercourse with his 15-year-old girlfriend from Eveline Girls High.

The Form Four student of Park Road suburbs in Bulawayo is accused of being intimate with  the Form Three minor.

It is the State’s case that on September 6 the minor got home late after spending the day with her boyfriend.  Her friend informed her that her mother was angry.

In fear of her mother, the minor returned to her boyfriend’s home where they slept on the same bed and had consensual sexual intercourse while the  boy’s parents were away.

In a statement, the boy admitted to being in a relationship with the minor and that they engaged in consensual sexual intercourse.

The minor also stated that on September 6 at around 3pm, the accused came to school to collect her and they went together to town where they spent time together up to 7pm.

The two  later looked for money for busfare home but the minor chickened out of going home for fear of her mother and  decided to spend the night at the boy’s house.

Her teenage boyfriend  insisted the complainant spends the night at his home as his parents were not around.

“I then slept over in the bedroom with him and during the night we had consensual sexual intercourse twice with protection. My mother asked me where I was and I told her the truth, that is when she reported the matter to the police,” the minor stated in her statement to the police.

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