Probe all parastatal bosses’ perks


EDITOR — I have been reading with interest the comments from the public over the chief executive officer of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings, Happison Muchechetere.

I can not help but deduce that this is just a tip of the iceberg.

What boggles the mind is how  a board in a country where civil servants and most employees earn far less than $500 a month could approve such as salary of $40 000 including perks for one individual.

I know most of us would like to blame Muchechetere for this abnormal salary, but I believe that there are many other chief executives that are earning within that range in terms of salaries and perks in this country at the expense of the ordinary workers.

As a country, we have been facing many challenges but one thing for sure is that there are some people who are living pretty during this economic melt down and at the expense of workers.

I believe Muchechetere is not the only one, but boards in various parastatals are to blame for this because they are driven by personal greed .

For Muchechetere to have the audacity to demand such perks, it means that he is aware that is the salary range for chief executive officers in this country.

The fact that the board agreed to this, shows that ZBH is not the only one paying such ridiculous amounts to its bosses. I know some companies are even paying their board members huge sitting fees at the expense of the company and workers.

I believe the noble thing would be for the government to probe the perks and sitting allowances of board members and bosses in the various parastatals that are failing to operate and pay its workers while top management is living pretty.

It is unfortunate that most bosses in Zimbabwe are selfish and do not look ahead and only think of themselves and their families while workers and the nation are wallowing in poverty.

I know that some might say that these bosses would have negotiated for their salaries, but I still believe that selfishness and corruption is the biggest challenge facing this country.

Government must probe all boards and chief executive officers and it would be amazed that some individuals are earning amounts that can pay the salaries of all the workers in a parastatal.

I know we all need money but not at the expense of workers and the nation at large.

Remember whatever you do is not hidden from the Almighty God.

Let us learn to live together and share whatever is there.


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