Man produces $36 payslip in court


HARARE – A Harare man yesterday produced a $36 payslip after his wife demanded more than $200 in maintenance.

Lilian Murabowa dragged Stephen Magwa to the Harare Civil Court claiming $250 for their nine-year-old child.

Murabowa told magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti that she does not know what her husband does for a living and that she has never seen his payslip.

She also told the court that Magwa was married to another woman and they had three children together.
Magwa said that he was a cross-border trader and a tout for Munenzva buses who earned $36 per week.
He produced the $36 payslip in court.

The disgruntled Murabowa queried the payslip’s authenticity.

Magistrate Muchuchuti ordered Murabowa to go and verify Magwa’s payslip and salary at the company and return for the continuation of the hearing.

She also said if the court finds out that Magwa was lying, the court was going to grant Murabowa the amount she is claiming for maintenance.

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