Mash Central hit by hunger


EDITOR — After voting resoundingly for Zanu PF, Mash Central residents are wondering if the ruling party can save them from hunger.

The three-year grain loan scheme provided under inclusive government and massive donor interventions vanished along with the inclusive government.

The level of hunger in areas under Dande region — Mount North, Rushinga, Muzarabani North and South, Mbire and surprisingly the once food basket of Zimbabwe, Guruve district have reached death levels.

These districts I mentioned have been stung by acute hunger though they were promised truck loads of maize during the election campaigns.

Mount North areas like Nyakatondo and Mukumbira have resorted to hunting in Mozambique and are feeding on meat, garden vegetables and fish but there is no maize from government as per promise but expensive grain going for $10 a bucket or a goat for one-and-half buckets of maize.

In Mbire, where people were promised maize by the winning Zanu PF candidates, some people have become thin as they cannot afford a meal.

People from Bwazi village are walking 26km to Arda farm in Chitsungo to look for manyanya, an underground root.

The Arda area which has a lot of this root was a graveyard during the liberation war but is being  destroyed because people are trying to find food.

Desperation is written all over as people cannot afford to buy the expensive mealie meal in shops since they do not have money as their cotton was bought cheaply by ruthless cotton companies.

People are asking why the government has stopped the grain loan scheme which is now taking only six households per kraal heads who may be having over hundred households.

During elections, thousands of tonnes of maize were said to be coming from Zambia — seven months down the line, nothing has come.

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In a nutshell, please government quickly intervene.

Isaac Mupinyuri

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