Daughter labels mother ‘a prostitute’


HARARE – There was drama at the Harare Civil Court after a young girl stormed the court room screaming for help as she fled from her mother whom she had labelled a prostitute in court.

The girl, Millicent Chitaza, was hit with a steel bar by her mother, Dudzai Mazenge after telling the court that her mother was a prostitute.

Mazenge had dragged her daughter to court seeking a peace order claiming that Chitaza was violent and constantly assaults her.

She told Magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya that Chitaza aborted two pregnancies and attempted to take her own life several times.

Chitaza refuted her mother’s allegations saying her mother was the one who was violent and abusive, getting help from her maternal uncle.

She told the court that her mother is a hooker and always comes home at midnight.

“She is lying, she is the one who is abusive,” she said.

“She goes to nightclubs and comes home drunk shouting at everyone. She comes with several boyfriends. She is a prostitute,” said Chitaza.

“We have since stopped talking to each other and she does not provide anything. She does not know and she does not care where I get money for school fees and food.

“I am not violent, she took me from my father’s relatives so that she could claim maintenance,” she said.

Magistrate Kavhiya ordered the two to bring Mazenge’s brother to court for the continuation of the matter today.

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