Work with us, govt tells indigenous churches


ZVISHAVANE – Jason Machaya, the Midlands minister of State for Provincial Affairs, has urged indigenous churches in Zvishavane to work hand in glove with the government to catalyse development in communities.

Officiating at the Calvary Zion Apostolic Church (CZAC) temple at Mtambi centre, Stuwart Chiwanga, the Zvishavane district administrator, presenting a speech on Machaya’s behalf, applauded the progressive relationship that exists between the government and indigenous churches saying it will spur  economic, political, social and religious welfare among citizens.

“I heard that the church has been a consistent supporter of government programmes and various schemes and policies since its formation, therefore, I wish to encourage other churches to follow suit and ensure that they have a polished relationship with government of the day,” Chiwanga said.

“Our wish is to encourage all church organisations to ensure this exemplary type worship so that it becomes easier for government to render assistance where there is need and resources become available.
It is our hope also that this place shall keep developing until it attains a growth point status with all other services available such as electricity and water.

“I am advising the councillor for this ward and the Member of Parliament to work together with the traditional leadership to ensure development of this area.”

Archbishop Johannes Ndanga, executive president of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ), who donated candle-making machines and money for projects to commence in that church, said it was of paramount importance for the government to further assist churches to develop all disadvantaged groups and societies.

Ndanga said, “We applaud the government for assisting churches in developmental projects indiscriminately. I am here to donate candle-making machines and money directed for implementation of projects to help disadvantaged groups in this community.”

He added, “The church should not discriminate disadvantaged groups in their respective areas of operation and it is my wish to advise the leadership of CZAC to start income generating projects and approach the relevant government offices so that they can be assisted in any manner deemed necessary.

“Widows, unemployed, orphans, vagrants, elderly, among other groups need to embark on these projects for the betterment of their welfare and the government is planning to assist this community through constructing a primary school which they will call, Calvary Centre,” Archbishop Ndanga said.

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