MDC councillor commits suicide


FILABUSI – An MDC councillor for Ntunte area in rural Filabusi committed suicide by hanging himself at his home on Saturday over a suspected domestic dispute with his wife.

The late Osiers Mathuthu was found dead at his homestead in an incident that villagers suspect might be linked to his wife MaNcube.

Mathuthu’s close friend, who identified himself as Tshuma, said close neighbours had reported that the two were having marital problems.

“Boys around the village say the two were fighting last Thursday and they seemed to be having problems,” he said.

“The whole village is shocked but if you look at his wife, she does not seem worried at all. It is like nothing has happened. How can you live under the same roof with someone and not know where he is or fail to sense the bad smell that is within the yard?” Tshuma asked.

“Mathuthu was not the kind of a man who could take his own life, something does not add up in this whole issue. His body was discovered by a local teacher from Ntunte Primary School yet his wife was there in the house. How is that possible?”

Another teacher who declined to reveal his name, said he discovered Mathuthu’s dead body when he passed by his home to greet the family.

“I found Mathuthu’s wife doing house chores, I then greeted her and asked to speak to the now deceased but she told me she did not know where he was and kept quiet,” he said.

He said he picked up a bad odour within the yard and asked the late councillor’s wife about it but she said she did not smell anything.

Then he walked around the yard trying to find out where the bad odour was coming from.

He opened the door  to one of the rooms and found Mathuthu on his knees with a rope round his neck.

“The body was in its initial stages of decomposition which showed that it had been about a day since Mathuthu had died,” the teacher said.

Tshuma said Mathuthu’s neighbours say they had overheard an argument between the couple last Thursday and suspect the wife had something to do with his death.

Filabusi police said investigations are to be carried out but they cannot point fingers or accuse anyone.
They are taking the case as suicide.

Mathuthu lived with his wife and home workers.

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