MP collapses after heckling


HARARE – Melody Dziva, a Zanu PF MP,  yesterday collapsed in the National Assembly after she was heckled while delivering her maiden speech.

Dziva, a non-constituency legislator from Midlands province, was shouted down by MDC legislators just after she had begun her speech. 

She could not continue with her speech and slumped onto a chair.

She had to be wheeled out of the National Assembly by female MPs.

Priscila Misihairabwi Mushonga and Mendy Chimene rushed her to the Parliament clinic for treatment.

She was transferred to West End Clinic for further treatment.

Dziva told the Daily News from her West End Clinic bed that she had been suffering from a headache.

She denied that she had suffered from stage fright or succumbed to heckling by MDC legislators.

“I was not feeling well and my mouth was dry, I was not able to shout words out of my mouth and I was feeling dizzy.

“I am going through some medical check-ups and the doctors tell me that I will be okay,” she said.

“The other problem is that I have been not eating well since my mother passed away two weeks ago.”

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Meanwhile, both houses of Parliament adjourned to  January 28, 2014.

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