Bulawayo South MP awaits trial


BULAWAYO – Bulawayo South MP, Eddie Cross who was arrested for insulting and accusing a man of being a thief, has been further remanded out of custody to December 16.

Magistrate Gladmore Mushove decided that there is need to observe abuse of Post and Telecommunications Service Act therefore the state has to protect people who receive threatening, abusive calls and messages.

The state further stated that individuals who breach the Act should be dealt with accordingly.

It is the State’s case that on October 17 at around 1pm MDC provincial administrator Nkululeko Ndlovu, 37, called Cross, 73, to inform him that he should bring back some extra cash which he had paid to the polling agents during the July 31 elections.

During their telephone conversation Cross is alleged to have started insulting Ndlovu saying that black people will never rule this country properly.

Cross continued making offensive and abusive words saying Ndlovu is “stupid man who talks crap” before dropping the phone call.

The court further heard that Cross proceeded to send a message to the complainant through his mobile phone accusing him of being a thief and further threatened to fire the complainant from work.

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