Women should stand up for their rights


EDITOR — Gender based violence(GBV) is a mole which is slowly eating away society. Everyday women are being subjected to physical, emotional, physiological and verbal abuse with the children becoming victims of circumstances.

However, I am really taken aback by how some abused women handle their predicament.

Instead of pressing charges against the man they end up staying in that abusive relationship.

I know of a relative who is being abused by her husband . They have two children and they have been married for eight years.

The husband constantly abuses the wife physiologically, physically and emotionally. He constantly beats her up.

Many of our relatives have urged her to press charges and move on but whenever the husband is arrested she drops the charges.

Believe you me she is not the only one. I have had cases of other women who do the same. Now I wonder is it love or fear of moving on and starting a new life? Women need to stand up and fight for their rights.
The reason why I think women stay in abusive relationships is lack of empowerment.

In most cases, the man will be the breadwinner while the woman has no other source of income.

This has caused many women to have that fear to move on. But, it is never too late to start again in life. I am urging all women to stand up and fight for their rights.

Even if you do not have a job or any other source of income it is better to walk out before you die from abuse.

We have heard many cases of women who died after being physically abused by men.

Mai Tanya

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