Stop using divisions as an excuse


EDITOR — The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is worried that the Zimbabwean Government is using the so-called squabbles in the Apex Council — a body that represents civil servants in salary negotiations — as an excuse not to adjust salaries for civil servants, thereby relegating them further into poverty.

The ZCTU does not believe that the minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Nicholas Goche, is being sincere in claiming that although he is ready for negotiations, civil servants need to organise themselves first, We believe he is hiding behind the failure by civil servants to constitute themselves into a negotiating team in the same way the previous Public Service minister, Lucia Matibenga was doing.

If indeed he is genuine, he should go ahead and give an interim increment while waiting for civil servants to put their house in order.

We are also surprised that the same civil servants, who made a lot of noise claiming that former minister Matibenga was refusing to meet them, have all of a sudden gone quiet over the actions of minister Goche.

We call upon the government to seriously look into the plight of civil servants and award them nothing less than the poverty-daturn line salaries in the interim. We cannot let a few greedy individuals in the Council hold “the rest of the civil servants at ransom.”

Japhet Moyo ZCTU,


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