Exercise caution


EDITOR — I would like to express my alarm at how our police has turned into a thuggish, brutal and violent force.

Innocent lives continue to be lost on our streets because police officers cannot simply sit down and formulate a simple way to curb lawlessness on the roads.

Just recently, an innocent, family man was killed when a commuter omnibus ran over him  while running away from lawless, irresponsible Police officers intent on smashing its windscreen.

Instead of instilling a sense of calm, security and protection on our streets they really inspire nothing but fear, anger and disappointment.

It is either police are running battles with commuter omnibuses and innocent pedestrians getting caught up in the chaos or municipal police chasing innocent vendors with the same dreaded consequences at any given time on our streets.

I challenge the police authorities to come out and explain the latest loss of an innocent soul caused by their brutality and thuggery instead of switching off their phones to avoid the press.

Surely, the continued loss of lives on the streets because of police brutality should be considered a major concern and dealt with urgently? Council on the other hand should allocate public transport adequate and suitable space for ranks rather watch greedy officials illegally parcel out land for self-aggrandisement.

Finally, commuter omnibus drivers and owners should strive to make sure their vehicles have all the necessary documents to avoid clashes with the police.

To police authorities, a statement concerning these incidences and a message of condolences to the family would be a good start.


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