Students are also affected by economic situation


EDITOR ? The local Women’s University in Africa has advised lecturers not to mark examination scripts for students who have not paid up their end-of-year semester fees.

Lecturers tried and negotiated for the marking and then withholding students’ results but this was declined.

We do not know what the responsible ministry says about students failing to pay school fees due to economic hardships.

Last year they engaged dubious debt collectors who have defrauded several companies to harass
students who were not paid up.

I think the authorities of this university must be sensitive to the plight of students.

The fact that the university desperately wants students to pay up shows that they as an institution are also affected by the economic situation currently prevailing in this country.

As students we are even in a worse off situation as some of us are unemployed, have been retrenched or have never been employed.

We will pay once we have the money.

Please consider our plight.

Poor Students

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