Govt must honour cadetship promises


EDITOR — This is an open letter to the minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Olivia Muchena on the anguish parents of students on the cadetship programme undergo at Midlands State University (MSU) especially as we go to the 2013 graduation to be held on Friday.

In the MSU advertisement notifying students who are graduating, they stated that all fees must have been cleared.

Students on cadetship went to verify on their statuses and were told initially that students under cadetship will not graduate, and later Monday that their results would not be released until the money the government promised to pay, has been paid.

On Monday, these students were denied access to their results and all were given letters stating that they had completed degree studies and were awaiting for your ministry to clear their arrears before release of results.

What this means is that I must force the government to pay and honour its promise now. Is that possible in the given time frame?

As a poor peasant farmer and struggling parent who dutifully paid the cadetship balance each semester, I am now forced to raise the $1 800 balance.

I am stressed as I am unable to raise the money. I do not even have nine beasts, at least $300 per beast, to sell to raise the equivalent, even if I had, will not be able to sell them in three days time.

Also, even if some parents can raise this amount and pay it, who would reimburse them?

It appears the university would benefit immensely!

We have seen other ministries like Primary and Secondary Education keeping students and issuing results even before the Basic Education Assistance Module (Beam) funds are released, with them being paid later.

We implore your good office to intervene as they should comply with ministry directives, and not to fleece the poor and struggling parents.

The poor’s children deserve to be also assisted by government.

Stressed Parent

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