ZiFM, Zimura in payment deal


HARARE – Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) has finally managed to reach an agreement with local commercial station ZiFM following the signing of a contract on November 22.

Zimura director Polisile Ncube said as an organisation they were pleased with the outcome.

“We signed the contract on November 22, with ZiFM.

“They started broadcasting in August 2012 and they have arrears up to this day but we finally managed to reach an agreement.

“For us it is progress because when the new radio stations came about it meant more revenue for the artistes.

“When they came about the artistes naturally expected more money but the negotiations have been going on for so long.

“But I am glad that we have finally reached an agreement with ZiFM because if they honour the agreements it means that our artistes will get their money on time as well. And for us as an organisation it brings stability as well because our members will be receiving their money,” she said.

The contract stipulates that ZiFM will pay 1,5 percent of their advertising revenue which will be reviewed after every two years as they are targeting 3,5 percent.

Ncube said the payments will not be annual as it does not help the artistes much.

“We received our first payment on Friday and they will be paying on a daily basis until they have cleared all their arrears.

“Afterwards they will make weekly payments. We realised that annual payments are an inconvenience to the musicians because they need money so we are still working on system to pay them at reasonable times as the money comes through.”

While the ZiFM deal has been sealed the same cannot be said for other stations.

“With Star FM we are still negotiating because they feel that they are a different station from ZiFM so their terms are different. They want a pay per play arrangement so we are doing research on that. But we are getting there,” she said.

She indicated that ZBC is still struggling with their weekly payments of $10 000.

ZBC was taken to court for failing to pay arrears for over three years which amount to $600 000.

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