Woman up for having sex with minors


HARARE – A Mbare woman reportedly forced herself on seven-year-old boys before and after giving them coins to silence them.

Trish Gomo, 24, appeared before Harare magistrate Sandra Mpindu facing aggravated indecent assault charges.

The boys are sons to her landlady and neighbour.

In her defence, Gomo denied the allegations and said her landlady was jealous because her husband brought her food from ‘Chicken Inn’.

“I eloped in 2011 and had good relations with my landlady. She became jealous because my husband would bring me Chicken Inn,”Gomo told the court.

“When I fell pregnant, I moved out of the house without giving notice and I think that’s why she fabricated such lies against me.”

Prosecutor Ressie Nyamombe alleges that sometime in September this year, one of the minors visited Gomo’s residence looking for his friend.

Gomo invited him into her house and locked doors before playing pornographic material, the court heard.
She reportedly started kissing him and later removed the minor’s clothes.

It is the State’s case that Gomo then forced herself on the boy and gave him one Rand before threatening to beat him if he disclosed the matter.

Nyamombe further alleged that Gomo abused the minor seven times using the same method.

Gomo is alleged to have also invited the second complainant, the neighbour’s son, to watch a movie at her house.

The court heard that Gomo and the seven-year-old boy watched the movie for a few minutes before locking doors and allegedly sexually abusing the child.

Gomo also gave the boy two Rand and threatened to beat him if he disclosed the ordeal.

The matter came to light when Gomo’s neighbour noticed that her son had started a habit of removing his little sister’s pant whenever they go to bed.

The boy later told her mother that Gomo had been abusing her, leading to her arrest.

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