Fake Charamba album on market


HARARE – Veteran gospel musician Pastor Charles Charamba has approached the police to investigate a case involving a pirated disc belonging to upcoming musician Trymore Bande which is currently being sold under Charamba’s name.

The album Zvakagara Zvakadaro produced by Lyton Ngolomi sounds like Charamba’s hence the CDs are sold in the streets as Tonderai Bande featuring Charles Charamba while some are sold under Charamba’s name.

Fishers of Men manager Ngoni Chandiwana told the Daily News that they have approached the police to carry some investigations on what really transpired.

“The album has caused confusion on the market; our fans are calling us every time questioning the owner of the album so we have decided to engage police to carry out some investigations though we are not suspecting foul play,” he said.

On the other hand Bande said the Mhinduro Iripo singer is bitter about confusion created by the album.

“I was surprised when I was ordered to report to the police station in Harare facing charges of fraud.

“My album has found its way into the streets through piracy hence it is being sold as Charamba’s.

“It is clear that Pastor Charamba is suspecting it was my intention to pirate the CD in his name such that I could gain mileage by riding on his fame,” said Bande.

Bande said his original CD does not include Pastor Charamba’s name and the pirated disc is attributed to
Tonderai Bande.

“If it was my intention to ride on his fame I could put my name as well on the pirated disc such that people will easily know me but this one is giving all the glory to Tonderai whom I do not know,” he said.

Bande said when he first noticed the pirated material on the market, he quickly notified Pastor Charamba over the issue.

“I called Pastor Charamba about the issue so that we could clear the confusion created amicably but he told me to desist from troubling him about the issue saying he was already in possession of the CD,” he said.

Songs making up the 27 year old artiste’s album include Uchandiramba Peter, Muimba YaMwari, Kuri Kwedu, Zvataungana, Nhowo Yangu, Pharaoh and Madhara Ekereke.

Bande has four albums under his name; his debut album being Old and New Testament recorded at Ngaavongwe studios in 2007 and was produced by Jonathan Mgazi.

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