Celebration Ministries marks Christmas with orphans


HARARE – The Celebration Ministries International is giving an early Christmas to orphans from different homes by giving them a place at their Christmas Foretold concert.

Celebration Ministries’ Pastor Bonnie Deuschle said they were going to give the orphans something to enjoy and love by watching the Christmas play on Friday December 6.

“We will be having orphans form several orphanages including those from Avondale and other homes. It will be a VIP treatment they will receive.

“We have a VIP section but on Friday it will be closed to everyone else and open to the orphans only. It will then open to the corporates on Saturday and Sunday.

“We want the orphans to enjoy, hence the reason for us giving them a chance to watch Christmas Foretold,” she said.

Christmas Foretold is a theatrical musical production based on the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.
This year’s edition is titled In Search of a King.

It first premiered in December 1993 in Harare, it was shown again in 1994 and there had been a long gap until 2012.

“We are so excited about the play. My passion of course is music and Christmas Carol services. One day my husband said to me in the 1990s that he did not want to do the same thing over and over again with the Christmas carols.

“I thought to myself if we do the best what could be bigger. Within three months he pulled out Christmas Foretold and we just gathered people of the church and it was all prophesies of Jesus coming together.

“Two years later we came up with this idea and the fact that we want to touch everyone; I wanted everyone to know the search of Jesus Christ is the same, we all need him. In order to identify with everyone there were three characters which were, a young shepherd boy, an old woman and a tall rich king,” said Pastor Bonnie.

She added that there would be surprises for the audience which they will have to see on the day.

The cast including the choir is 300 people and there are over 20 kings.

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