Invigilator nabbed for leaking exam paper


BULAWAYO – A senior college official who solicited for a bribe from a student in exchange for an examination paper has been hauled before the courts.

Hard Reuben Mudiwa, 27, employed by Certified Commerce and Industry Personnel College as a marketing officer, appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove facing charges of corruptly concealing from a principal a personal interest in a transaction.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody to December 2.

Prosecutor Caroline Matanga told the court that on November 26, at around 9am at corner Fort Street and 10th Avenue where the college is located, Mudiwa was on duty as an invigilator.

The court heard during the examination, Mudiwa gave Michael Kurauone, a student, a note.

After the examination, Kurauone called the invigilator who told him if he wanted to pass, he should bring $50 the following morning so that he could give him a Communication Skills examination paper before sitting for it.

The following day at around 6am, Kurauone called the invigilator who then brought the examination paper.

Students were sitting for the exam paper at 8am.

Mudiwa handed over the examination paper to Kurauone, who had already alerted the police.

As per arrangement, Mudiwa was offered $50 as a bribe.

Mudiwa was nabbed by police officers who had laid an ambush.

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