Josh Meck flourishes in SA


HARARE – Accomplished bass guitarist and jazz artiste Josh Meck is delighted with the way his music craft has blossomed ever since he relocated to South Africa early this year.

Meck, who has played for Chiwoniso Maraire, Africa Revenge, Victor Kunonga, Tanga wekwa Sando and German Jazz star Max Wild, says the South African music industry has galvanised his career.

“I relocated because I was looking for better opportunities for my jazz career,” the Johannesburg-based Meck told the Daily News yesterday.

“In South Africa the industry is diverse, it has more room for different music genres and jazz there is big.

“This side I was limited as there were fewer jazz outlets and few people loved it.”

After close to 15 years on the Zimbabwe jazz scene, the talented bassist has been amazed by the immediate positive impact the move across the Limpopo has generated.

“So many things have happened which did not happen in the 15 years that I was in Zimbabwe. South Africans move at a great pace, especially in Johannesburg where I am based. I have managed to get a lot of contacts, gigs,” he said.

Meck, who has performed at various international music festivals, is happy that at last he has managed to break into the highly competitive South African market.

“I have been all over the world performing at festivals but South Africa had been one difficult place to penetrate, at last I am getting my chance,” he said.

The Zimbabwean bassist, who has made preliminary contacts with top South African musicians Zahara, Lira and several others, has already formed a band in South Africa.

“I now have a band which has five people who include a keyboardist and a drummer .They are all South Africans.

“Some of them have played with Benjamin Dube, Judith Sephuma and other big South African jazz names. I have performed at clubs like Baseline and will be performing at the Durban Festival on Christmas day,” said Meck.

The Wanetsa hit-maker, who will perform at the Book Café on December 27 before proceeding to Zambia for a show there, will release a new album next year.

“In 2014 I will be releasing my third album and I am hoping to feature some South African artistes on it.”

The bass guitar prodigy who toured the world for 3 years with German jazz star Max Wild and visited countries such as Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

“Most of my songs have an element of social commentary in them.

“I like talking about anything that happens, anything that makes the headlines as long as it doesn’t offend the next person”.

The Bvompfo hit-maker followed up his highly successful debut with his latest album, Time.

The album is blend of katekwe, jiti, mhande rhythms and elements of jazz.

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