Demolitions — a psychological torture


EDITOR — The plan by the Ministry of Local Government to demolish 10 000 houses in Chitungwiza is psychological torture and also a violation of human rights.

The plan to demolish the so-called illegal structures in Chitungwiza and other targeted places is tantamount to the declaration of hostility against citizens of the country.

The move is also a violation of our right to shelter and it’s indicative of government’s failure to cater for its citizenry.

The multimillion dollar question is that; when the so-called illegal structure were allocated, developed and became what they are now, where was this Ministry of Local government? How can they decide to torture the masses psychologically?

The owners of the targeted illegal structures will become refugees in their own motherland as a result of the proposed demolitions.

Government must be concentrating on how families can survive  the hunger looming in our country rather than on demolishing houses.

The ministry of Local Government should desist from punishing us and aim rather to defend our rights.

Tsitsi Mashiri

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