Gono has nation at heart: Biti


HARARE – Former Finance minister, Tendai Biti has heaped praise on Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono, describing him as a man with Zimbabwe at heart.

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station this week, the ex-finance minister described his former subordinate as a patriotic man who served Zimbabwe well.

“Gono has the nation at heart although some people wanted to use him and they indeed used him and just dumped him like that,” Biti said without giving details.

“We first had challenges, but eventually we had a very good working relationship. He (Gono) had the nation at heart,” Biti stated.

Gono’s term as Central Bank boss is coming to an end today after serving for 10 years.

He was appointed as Central Bank chief in 2003 at the height of economic downfall but is credited for standing the heat and saving  the economy through his “failure is not an option” approach.

Biti and Gono worked together during the lifespan of the inclusive government which was made up of three political parties.

Biti, who is also secretary-general of the opposition MDC, said before their relationship became cordial, it was characterised by suspicion and untrustworthiness, but they eventually found each other.

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