Let us put our trust in God


EDITOR — This is for my fellow Zimbabweans and for the Church in this nation.

If you are like me you will have noticed and felt the deep air of despair and hopelessness that prevails in this nation at this time.

You will see the seemingly depressing headlines in our newspapers and you will have noticed the return of bank queues and read that up to 300 people are rendered jobless every week.

You will know that Zimbabwe cannot feed herself and notice the decaying infrastructure all around.

You will hear of the unceasing squabbles among those in authority as they grope in the dark for an answer that is simply not there under our current attitude and state of turning to the flesh for an answer.

Someone once said that the only thing worse than despair is insanity.

I was reading a sermon by David Wilkerson and many of his words really spoke to my heart for my fellow Zimbabwean.

Well, I want to encourage you today. Our God is a God of hope. Our helplessness, hopelessness, despair, doubt and fear are grievous to the God of promise who has never failed to fulfil His word.

There is an unchangeable law of spiritual life that when one puts their trust in man it leads to death but when one puts their trust in God it leads to life.

I think in Zimbabwe we have misplaced our trust. Be encouraged to withdraw your trust in man for all the answers to your personal and Zimbabwe’s woes and place it in the Lord.

When we trust in someone or something other than Him to bring us hope and a future we become like a shrub in the desert, and as the Book of Jeremiah puts it, not seeing the river, instead inhabiting the parched places in the wilderness.

This misplaced trust causes us to become fruitless and barren. Many in this nation today have lost hope and have turned inward instead of turning to the Lord.

One young man in Banket told me that if he just had a bit more money it would make it easier for him to trust the Lord. Surely he is putting the cart before the horse.

If we were to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness then all things would be added unto us.
The Lord is telling us that we are not uplifted by His promises and we have let the words and actions of men cast us down.

We have cursed ourselves by not going to Him. We are dry and empty and lonely because we do not draw water from His well.

Despairing Christians have forgotten the promises of God.

Wilkerson says he shudders when he hears the language of hopelessness spoken by so many Christians. 

Words like, “ It’s no use,” and “there’s no hope.”

It is the same language Israel used when she despaired. There is a great danger in remaining hopeless! Depression also leads to spiritual laziness and people convince themselves there is nothing they can do about their situation.

But Scripture says that problems have taken place because His people have forgotten Him.

Thank God there is another immutable law — the law of hope and life! The river of God heals everything it touches.

Let us individually and collectively ask the Lord to deal with our sin and be quick to obey His voice in this and when our hearts and lives are clear before Him our roots will be in the river of life.

And we will be enabled to rise up in faith and prayer and in the Word and watch what the Lord Jesus does.

Let us move from that doubt and despair to faith and hope in Him.


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