Child Parliamentarians slam greedy teachers


HARARE – Junior parliamentarians held their first Cabinet session in the Senate chambers on Tuesday, railing against greedy teachers.

The meeting was chaired by Ntandoyenkosi Moyo, the Child President from Milton High School in Bulawayo. It was attended by junior cabinet ministers.

“Honourable ministers, our voice as children must be heard,” Moyo said. “Our impact must be felt. We must take active participation in our local communities right through to the highest level of governance in the country.”

Shaline Shauramba, child minister for Primary and Secondary Education, said: “Teachers are not giving us quality time when they are teaching us during the normal times as they are more focused on teaching during extra lessons so they can get more money.

“This has disadvantaged students from poor families who cannot get money for extra lessons.”

She was supported by Lucky Madzumbedze, child minister of Information, Media and Publicity, who said the high number of untrained teachers had compromised the standard of education in schools.

“The issue of quality is exacerbated by poor accommodation and working conditions for teachers in rural areas,” Madzumbedze said.

“For example, teachers at Muchena Primary School in Mwenenzi District have to spend at least $10 buying water from the community at the nearest water source 12 km away.”

The child ministers also spoke about the limited access to computer education in schools.

The session adjourned to today where the junior cabinet ministers are set to meet their senior counterparts at Munhumutapa offices and present their recommendations.

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