Williams, Ervine duped in Bangladesh


HARARE – Zimbabwe cricket all-rounder Sean Williams and former national side batsman Sean Ervine were allegedly duped off their matches fees by their coach in the Bangladesh Premier Division.

The two Zimbabweans, who turned out for Brothers Union in the Bangladesh domestic league, had their passports confiscated after their team failed to settle hotel accommodation bills on time.

Williams said they were scheduled to have left Bangladesh a week ago but delays in settling the hotel accounts by the club as well as receiving their outstanding match fees prompted them to stay longer.

“Got my cash coming home, I’m hoping tomorrow at some stage,” Williams told the Daily News.

“This development has changed my view of things massively. All the other players at our club such as Angelo Matthews got treated well and were booked in great hotels and everything but when Ervine and I arrived it was a different story all together.”

Williams said that investigations reveal that their coach was given their allowances but made off to Chittagong without handing it over to them.

“The coach was given the money to pay us and he disappeared to Chittagong and would not answer calls. He invested that money into his team there and kept us stranded. We could have been home six days ago,” he said.

The Matabeleland Tuskers captain will be flying back home today to prepare for the domestic cricket season, which is scheduled to begin on December 7.

Williams, however, says he is not prepared to take to the field until Zimbabwe Cricket pay him his outstanding dues.

“I actually have no idea what’s going on with Zimbabwe Cricket, I haven’t been paid by ZC since September so yes playing here has helped me pay my bills,” said Williams.

“I’m the captain of Tuskers but don’t see myself playing any games until some sort of payment has been made.”

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