Where do we go from here


HARARE – A few weeks ago, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo made the most incisive observation about the latent danger lurking ahead for Zimbabweans if they remain in election mode after Zanu PF’s victory  in the July 31 harmonised polls.

He is concerned that the nation could easily become hamstrung by euphoric celebrations at the expense of harnessing the energy and enthusiasm that characterised these events for better purpose towards national good.

Four months after the plebiscite, Zimbabweans are still fed a diet of victory celebrations on radio and television where politicians squander a huge amount of time on self-glorification and breast-beating over their electoral victory.

There is nothing wrong in celebrating victory.

But it becomes trite when leaders indulge in seemingly inordinate electioneering and posturing that reflects tendency to forget that the polls and their outcome is now history and people need to be encouraged to move ahead and make the country work.

Leadership is judged by the quality of its delivery, more particularly in an expectant nation like ours.

It can never be judged by how lavishly leaders can organise extravagant events where ephemeral joy and saturnalia are the order of the day.

People now need guidance to move the nation out of the current economic rut.

And no amount of self-glorification and victory celebrations will shift this country’s economic fortunes a single inch forward.

They need that astute and prescient leadership, truly committed to exhorting and rallying all patriotic Zimbabweans to put their shoulders to the wheel at this crucial time when all hands are needed to be on board.

Moyo quite rightly observes that the nation can ill-afford to remain in the election mode when there is an array of matters of national importance that need immediate attention.

Zimbabweans have been stuck in the election mode since the tenure of the GNU and continuing in that mode becomes an impediment that inflicts great harm to national development.

There is clearly a need for a mind shift away from unhelpful posturing.

The current scenario is not helped by ructions in the ruling party over provincial elections which are bound to feed into the national psyche and force the nation deeper into the election mode.

Obviously, after the completion of the Zanu PF elections this weekend, the nation will somewhat get a reprieve. The nation cannot be prodigal with its time for longer than necessary.

Let not electioneering become the nation’s default mode lest it slides deeper into anxiety and loses focus on what needs to be done.

Moyo’s observation should be taken seriously and given due attention.

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