Hollywood celebrity boosts Zim operations


HARARE – Hollywood celebrity make-up artist Jackie Muchanyuka-Mgido has begun a search for the face of Vault Cosmetics.

The celebrated Zimbabwean make-up artist, who has worked with top artistes like actor Denzel Washington and rapper-cum-actor-James Todd “LL Cool J” Smith, started Vault Cosmetics in Harare a year ago.

Muchanyuka-Mgido believes using a popular celebrity as the face of Vault Cosmetics will make her brand even more popular among local women.

The Hollywood celebrity make-up artist told the Daily News yesterday that she almost handed the role to a foreigner but changed her mind before finalising the contract.

“We were going to have a contract with a foreigner but a few days ago I thought it would be inappropriate because this is a Zimbabwean product,” said Muchanyuka-Mgido.

“How would people feel if it was given to someone from outside? I decided to ask my fans on what to do and I am glad I did that. The response has been overwhelming. The responses are amazing; thank God I decided to consult them,” she said.

After being inundated with suggestions on the Vault Cosmetics Facebook page, Muchanyuka-Mgido has decided to come up with some form of benchmark.

“I have even had some girls from big corporates offer to help. People are so willing. It’s amazing. What I will do is that for the next two days I will be drafting up criteria of what the person must be like. With the help of my fans I will come up with a decision.”

Muchanyuka-Mgido believes the ideal face of Vault Cosmetics must be a popular girl among Zimbabweans.

“I really feel that it is not my make-up line, I feel that it is ours (Zimbabweans). People are so excited for me and when I post something on the Vault Facebook page, people respond in an amazing manner. I feel honoured to have such fans that support me though and through,” she said.

According to Muchanyuka-Mgido several people want the face of Vault Cosmetics to be an ordinary girl who can be transformed and groomed into a celebrity or source of inspiration.

But a sizable number, according to her, would like the role to be taken up by a famous Zimbabwean personality.

Muchanyuka-Mgido told the Daily News from her Hollywood base that she would settle on a position within the next few days.

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