Harare waterworks upgrade begins


HARARE – The upgrading of the Harare City Council waterworks is set to commence as equipment sourced by a Chinese financial institution has been delivered, a senior council official has confirmed.

The council accessed a $144 million loan facility from the Chinese Export and Import Bank to revamp its water system two months ago.

Stanley Mungofa, director of health services in the City of Harare, said equipment purchased from the loan facility has arrived in the capital.

“We have started receiving equipment from China and the project is set to commence anytime soon. We appreciate the current water problems that the residents are facing but I can tell you in 18 months’ time the situation would have improved,” Mungofa said.

“Chinese water engineers have also started arriving in the country and all is looking good.”

Harare has been facing perennial water problems that culminated in the cholera outbreak of 2008 which claimed some 4 000 lives.

The project will revamp all water pumps and valves at Morton Jaffray Waterworks and Warren Control.

Morton Jaffray Waterworks can produce over 700 megalitres of treated water daily, but is currently producing an average 600 megalitres.

After the completion of the project, it is projected that Morton Jaffray will produce 140 mega litres.

“We try by all means to provide water to the residents. When we fail, we usually notify that there will be some upgrading of our water pipes and valves,” Mungofa said.

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