Distribute youth fund equally


EDITOR — The country’s youths are in dire need of assistance notwithstanding their geographic location, party preferences and ideology.

I was very disturbed to learn that only one percent of the Youth Development Fund has been disbursed to youths in Matabeleland North.

This contrasts sharply to the 47 percent allocated those in Harare.

I find these figures quite appalling because there is clear negligence on the part of those disbursing the funds.

I mean, are the youths in Matabeleland North any less important than those in Harare or other parts of the country?

Again what criteria are they using to determine who deserves help more than the other?

The unemployment level is very high and those who are involved in indigenous and small scale businesses are the ones who are surviving in this country’s cutthroat industry.

The Youth Fund is a ray of hope that the country’s youths need.

This is because their major challenge is capital.  Getting a bright idea is not enough if one can not finance it.

It is like having a piece of land and not have input like seed, fertiliser and relevant machinery to till it.

Its value becomes more symbolic than practical.

I know that the headquarters of those who allocate the funds may be in Harare, as a result it is easier for those who are close to the metropolis to access the funds.

This does not however justify the shunning of the majority of the country’s youths in favour only of those in the country’s capital city.



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