Thank you ACCZ


EDITOR — This letter goes to Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) and its leader Archbishop Johannes Ndanga.

I would like to applaud you for banning Robert Gumbura’s church Independent End Time Message.

I read the article on Friday November 22 in the Daily News with the headline Church banned over ‘Satanism’ and I must say I was shocked. How can someone call himself a church leader whilst he films pornographic material and indulges in adulterous affairs with women in church.

This has revealed how some so-called church leaders have become wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Please let us not put God’s word in disrepute. Being a pastor, prophet or even a church leader is a calling do not masquerade as God ordained when you have your own intentions because he will severely punish you.

I also urge women to be  wise enough and have reasonable judgements all the time.

Cases of women being sexual abused by so-called ‘prophets’ are increasing.

You can pray on your own and God will answer you and attend church for fellowship not to have secret meetings with ‘prophets’.

As for Robert Gumbura, he should be punished and made an example to other false prophets.


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