Miss Heritage World set for Harare


HARARE – After failing to host the first ever Miss Heritage World which was supposed to be held along with UNWTO General Assembly, the organisers have finally put their house in order and set a date.

The pageant will be held on December 7 at the HICC.

Pageant founder Tare Munzara says the contestants will visit some tourist sites in Zimbabwe which fit into their budget.

“We haven’t received any government support although we had hoped that they would help us. Our budget only allows us to visit the Chinhoyi Caves and the Victoria Falls.

“It will not be anything fancy, just those sites outside Harare.

“In Harare, we will visit Mbizi Game Park and other places,” he said.

He said while the funding they have received so far was okay, they would do with a little more support.

“The girls will be staying at the Stephen Margolis Resort, Ochi City and Orange Groove Motel in Chinhoyi,” he added.

The initial Miss Heritage Zimbabwe, Thabiso Phiri will not be able to make it due to school commitments and she is being replaced by 24-year-old Sibusisiwe Mazibuko.

Mazibuko said she is honoured to be given such an opportunity and that being her first big pageant, she will do her best.

She is a Chinhoyi University of Technology graduate with an Honours Degree in Creative Art and Design.

“I have not done pageant modelling before, except a Miss Diva advert for a shop that was looking for models to advertise its merchandise.

“I had never really thought of modelling although I started doing it when I was in college, I needed the extra cash.

“I do fashion now as well as photography modelling. Representing the country on such a large scale is nerve wrecking, but I have to put out my best to pull it off. It being an international pageant makes it even scarier, but I will do my best, all eyes will be on me,” she said.

The pageant’s head of public relations, Noriya Shahadat said they are almost ready to host the big day.

“Camp is starting on the 29th and the first girl to come in will be Miss Heritage Ecuador, Tatyana Torres. She will be joined by others as the days progress.

“What I can say now is that most of the things that need to be in place are in order. Although people were sceptical. I’m sure things will turn out well.

“The theme is Promoting Tangible and Intangible Heritage. We would like to believe that the pageant will put Zimbabwe on the map. We would also like to believe that it will promote tourism as many countries will be exposed to our country.

“At the moment we are targeting 40 models, but some are having problems with their visas,” she said.

She indicated that sponsorship was a problem as well.

“We have a few corporates that have been willing to sponsor us, but we are still looking for more. If the corporates come on board it will not only benefit us, but it will help them also in terms of marketing.

“This is so because the pageant will be broadcast on BosTv which covers about 52 countries. So they will be exposed to the world as well.

“Hats off to Tare and the team, I don’t know how they did it, but they did a wonderful job. I have just recently joined the team and from my point of view, there was a lot of work put into it,” she said.

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