Let’s curb gender-based violence


EDITOR — It is my sincere hope that this year’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence will go a long way in curbing this vice that is threatening our society especially the family structure.

Men being the heads of families are expected to provide, care for and protect their families in turn the wife and the children look up to them for these.

are blessings from God hence as men we need to treat them as such and it therefore follows that if you treat them well with the love and care they deserve things will generally go well for you as a man as deserving a man who looks after a happy family

But, the moment a man lifts his hand to beat his wife or when he starts to abuse children then the opposite will come into effect.

When you beat your wife, it is no longer love but abuse which tends to result in the deterioration of the relationship consequently leading to divorces and family breakups and children suffer as well.

I hope this year’s campaign against gender-based violence carries out the message resoundingly.


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