Congratulations Glamour Boys


EDITOR — Congratulations to Dynamos for winning the Castle Premiership title for the 20th time.

You have made us so proud and I am so pleased to be associated with you.

At a time when all hope was lost you defied all odds and proved our enemies wrong.

We started  the final day in second place and two points behind Harare City but eventually God sailed us through.

Although we failed to win the Mbada Diamonds Cup again this year at least we have something to smile about.

Thank you to the players for your hard work and endurance we would not have reached where we are today if it wasn’t for you.

We actually had little confidence in retaining the Castle Premiership title as our hopes had faded but you won for us.

To Harare City, you played  well and better luck next time.

In every game there are losers and winners.

The Glamour Boys could have won with a bigger margin but Harare City proved to be a worthy competitor.

Thank you Pasuwa for leading the Glamour Boys to stardom.

Forever blue at heart.


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