Judgment date set for Zacc man


HARARE – Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya will on December 4 deliver judgment in a case involving Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) commissioner Emmanuel Chimwanda accused of contravening the Official Secrets Act.

Chimwanda, who is represented by Jonathan Samukange, closed his defence case yesterday. Samukange said police were working on circumstantial evidence in his client’s case.

“Sometimes when societies are getting corrupt, there is the tendency of prosecuting those trying to do the right thing. If you (court) convict him (Chimwanda), you are trying to perpetuate this corruption,” Samukange said in his closing submissions.

Prosecutor Michael Reza on the other hand said the State was of the view that Chimwanda was guilty and his intentions were deliberately meant to embarrass President Robert Mugabe.

“The State is of the view that it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused person contravened the Official Secrets Act. It was his intention to embarrass those appointed by the president and, I dare say, to embarrass the president himself in that he is appointing people that are crooks,” Reza argued.

When trial opened, Chimwanda denied the allegations, arguing that the claims were “malicious, vindictive and baseless”.

He is accused of supplying dockets and information to four MDC officials — Thabani Mpofu, Warship Dumba, Felix Matsinde and Mehluli Tshuma — who have since appeared in court facing charges of impersonating the police, possessing articles for criminal use and breaching the Official Secrets Act.

Chimwanda is further accused of providing the four MDC officials with information pertaining to on-going investigations about Chombo’s abuse of office allegations.

Reza alleges that Chimwanda also connived with the four officials and compiled a summary of offences against Attorney-General Johannes Tomana.

The State alleges that in April last year, the commission was investigating a fraud case involving former Harare special interest councillor Charles Nyachowe.

It is alleged Chimwanda requested the docket and provided the information to Mpofu, Dumba, Matsinde and Tshuma.

Dumba, a former councillor, yesterday gave evidence defending Chimwanda.

He said Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo was “vindictive” and did not want people poking their noses into his “shady deals”. He said the minister should be investigated as there was documentary evidence on his deals.

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