Consultation fees too high


EDITOR — I could not believe it when I read in one of the daily newspapers that doctors have hiked consultation fees from $20 to $50 with specialists now charging up to $120 from $60.

That is too much considering that it is just consultation fees before the actual bill.

Why not remove the consultation fees since you will be paying a full bill in the end?

Of course, we want quality services to come to our country and for the industry to develop but not at the expense of the ordinary citizens who are earning far below the poverty datum line.

We do want the best from our doctors. We know doctors have a lot of obligations but increasing fees like that will not help improve our healthcare system.

Most of us were struggling to raise the $20, now, we are not going to get any medical attention.

What it therefore means is those who will survive are those that are blessed enough to afford getting treatment outside Zimbabwe as usual.

Most of us are struggling to get cash and an increase in the medical health sector will surely worsen the plight of the ordinary person on the street.

What frustrates me worse is that we do not get a solution to our health situations all the time we visit the doctors and we end up going out of the country.

Doctors charge us for a prescription for an expensive drug they do not provide, to be taken after the meal they do not provide, how are we going to survive?



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