What was the python doing?


EDITOR — As a people we have always been superstitious and curious to the point of attaching our curiosity to everything that happens in life whether good or bad.

It is not surprising therefore that after the python incident in Chitungwiza people have already began to speculate that this could be linked to black magic and who should blame them after the recent events that took place in the dormitory town?

A spirit medium reportedly tried to exorcise certain individuals and a resounding explosion killed them early this year.

It is against such a backdrop that people have began to treat everything that happens in Chitungwiza with suspicion.

The python may have been a stray serpent, possibly looking for a warmer place to hibernate as the rains begin to fall but where it came from and how came no-one spotted it in such a crowded town until it went into a house is the question.

The snake was approximately two metres long, not too hard to miss if you ask me. Anyway, the fact that the parks and wildlife crew apprehended it easily and bagged it shows that it may have been a regular snake but still people can’t help but ask what the snake was doing in the Johanne Masowe follower’s house?

Food for thought?


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