Stop littering


EDITOR — I think littering is a growing disease among Zimbabwean citizens.

This other day I boarded a commuter omnibus and two young men who were eating fast foods, soon after they finished the one who was sitting by the window threw the empty kaylites outside.

I was really shocked.

It was in the middle of the road and I asked myself if these two lads had gone through any schooling.

In this day and age it is our responsibility to take care of our environment.

We can blame the government for not ensuring that our towns and citizens are clean but it is our responsibility.

Teach your children the right thing, littering is bad for the environment.

Even in schools I think more should be done.

My mother aways says it takes hundreds and years for plastic to decay, so imagine whenever you throw away litter it will remain there for so many years.

People should just develop a culture of cleanliness.

Whenever you eat something even in the commuter omnibus keep your litter and throw it in the bin when you get home or when you drop off in town, bins are everywhere.

I know it is a crime littering but I think the government should task the police to catch whoever is caught littering and the culprits should be fined heavily.

I think that way people will understand that polluting the environment is a bad habit.



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