No to nepotism


EDITOR — I am a black Zimbabwean born 33 years ago, educated in Zimbabwe but did my tertiary education in the United States. I was one of the lucky ones because I got a scholarship.

My parents worked very hard as farm labourers and once the white farmer was kicked off the farm by the government we were looked after by the said farmer as he saw potential in my sister and I.

The rest of the workers are now doing odd jobs. I graduated and returned home and I am presently working on a plot just outside Harare doing market gardening. I graduated with an agricultural degree.

I am at a loss that after 33 years the government has given little or no assistance to the country or uplifting its people. The bigwigs are eating from the top table with us scrambling for the crumbs.

This so-called educated country is the laughing stock of the world.

What can be done?

We need to regroup and think of our future and that of our children.

For starters, we need to get rid of  the indigenisation policy and everyone must be encouraged to work hard. No favours , no nepotism, no racial distinction.

Believe you me, the turn around will be awesome. The law should carried out with no favoutism.

MPs, ministers are our servants not the other way round. All to be accountable and dealt with.

It can be done. All we have to do is get rid of the present rot by turning the tables.

Our Zimbabwe

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