Mabhena features on accapella album


BULAWAYO – Songstress Prudence Mabhena, the subject of an Oscar award-winning documentary called Music by Prudence features on Bulawayo-based accapella gospel outfit Bhuku Romweya’s second album titled Pamusoro Pemvura.

The physically-challenged Mabhena who caught famed Oprah Winfrey’s eye resulting in an invitation to visit the United States of America, featured on two tracks Tose and Pamusoro Pemvura.

Mabhena is happy to have participated in the ten-track album launched in Bulawayo in a colourful ceremony on Wednesday.

“Working with Bhuku Romweya has been an exciting experience,” the internationally-famous Mabhena told the Daily News.

“I have learnt a lot. I am also continuing to stand for physically challenged people worldwide. Songs like Tose talk about the way society treats physically challenged people. It also talks about the fact that we are all God’s children despite race and language.”

Mabhena said she found it easy to work with Bhuku Romweya who are an apostolic faith sect gospel group.

“Music is my talent and I discovered it when I was young, everything that I did included music. I am proud to be the only female in the group. It has not been easy to get where I am today; It required a lot of  patience,” she said.

Mabhena, who did a solo gospel album titled Ithemba Lami has urged physically-challenged people to go for what they believe in and refuse to get discouraged.

Bob Tasiya, Bhuku Romweya’s spokesperson, believes the tracks Baba Johane and Nguva Yokuguma will be the favourites of many music fans in the not-so-distant future.

“We are working on videos for  the songs on the album we have just launched. We believe people are going to love it,” he said.

Tasiya acknowledged that featuring Prudence Mabhena on their album added value to the music as she is the only female in the group.

“Prudence Mabhena has a great voice and working with her has improved our music as a group. She is continuing to prosper and inspiring other female artistes in the music industry especially in Bulawayo,” Tasiya said.

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