Python found in house


HARARE – A python measuring almost two metres was found coiling in a sitting room in the bustling town of Chitungwiza yesterday, creating a storm.

Curious residents in Unit H pulled down the perimeter fence and almost brought the  house down in a frenzied effort to kill the snake, which they linked to black magic.

Had it not been for the swift intervention by the police and soldiers, house number 5217 in the dormitory town, 30km south of Harare, would be history by now.

A 15-year-old girl found the gigantic python in the sitting room.

“I was about to sweep the dining-room when I saw the huge snake under the table,” she said.

“I was shocked that for a moment I struggled to say a word. After some few minutes I managed to tiptoe my way out and told tenants here who could not believe me at first."

“My mother is in the rural areas but she left yesterday but not before she had swept the room herself. There was no snake in here yesterday which could mean that this creature only got in today.”

Police officers struggled to the control crowd in Unit H. The house owner, a member of the Johane Masowe apostolic sect, was not present when the incident occurred as she was reportedly in her rural home.

Police had to call members of National Parks and Wildlife to take custody of the snake.

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