Health ministry must protect children


EDITOR ? I was disturbed to read about the three minors who died after receiving anti-bilharzia and intestinal worm vaccines.

I believe this was a  result of gross negligence and incompetence on the part of the ministry of Health and Child Care.

As a concerned Zimbabwean citizen I write this letter to express my disappointment together with many Zimbabweans over the operations of the Health ministry.

The ministry showed gross negligence by administering anti-bilharzia and intestinal worm vaccines without giving parents the requisite public awareness critical before caring out such programming leading to the deaths of three innocent minors.

In my own opinion, I think the ministry of Health and Child Care should try to exercise extreme caution and follow all the requisite procedures before administering medicine and tablets to minors and the general Zimbabwean populace to avoid unnecessary deaths.

The future of every nation rests upon its young blood and the ministry should not take chances when it comes to administering tablets and other drugs to minors.

All the necessary procedures should be taken to ensure that these minors are monitored after vaccinations.

Guardians and parents need to be informed about the dangers and side effects of certain drugs before they decide whether or not to expose their minors to such drugs.

As citizens we rely on the ministry to give our children drugs that promote good health instead of exposing them to more life-threatening dangers.

To the famillies that lost their children, may the good Lord comfort you during this difficult time.

Who will protect our children from dangerous drugs if the Health ministry cannot?

Wilson T Kakurira

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