Harare must explain water shortage


EDITOR ? I believe the City of Harare should explain to residents why so many areas do not have running water.

In Mount Pleasant we have not been having running water in our taps for the past three weeks and there has been no explanation from the City of Harare on what the problem is.

I am sure my area is not the only place that is experiencing this problem but many other residential areas in Harare do not have running water.

At first there was the issue of the city not having chemicals to purify the water but now there is no explanation.

But the same council has been talking about the outbreak of cholera` in the country but not explaining why there is no running water.

Please City of Harare tell us what is going on before we all die of cholera.

We need water to win the war against cholera and to practice good  hygiene in the areas where we live. Do not keep us in the dark.

Mai Pipi

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